This is the very base stage wherein the rawwool is hand carded into yarn .Raw silk is handspun into yarn inour own spinning factories. This process of hand carding allows naturalstriation, which in turn gives a play in the rug from the ordinary.


A stage where there is a transformation of a concept in the form of a rug design. Inspiration is all over so the concept can be brought from any aspect of design. The design team works their magic by using their expertise on design, color and texture to create a piece of art.


The next stage is where the hue and color is finally decided and the yarn is dyed to the required shade. We use the oldest technique of pot dyeing to keep the tradition alive. The process of dyeing a shade could take anywhere from 6-8 hours. We are always trying to derive different processes of dyeing keeping in mind our traditions.


This requires a great deal of skill and concentration on the part of the weaver. This is the lengthiest part of the rug making process. It could take months or even years to weave a single rug. Due to many years of rug weaving these master craftsmen/weavers maintain consistency and quality while weaving.


This being the final process whereby the rug is washed, clipped and stretched to clean and beautify the process that the rug has been through. This plays an important role in how the final carpet looks, the pile height, the saturation of color, and the sheen on the surface of the rug are the functions of the finishing process. We keep experimenting with new finishing techniques to enhance the carpet’s aesthetic values and looks. We constantly try new ways in finishing to give a brand new look to the carpets.

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